We have a winner for our raffle!

Congratulations to T. W., who won a big swag of e-books.


Thanks to everyone who participated. This is the first time I’ve run a raffle with multiple authors, and it worked surprisingly well. Here’s to plenty more.

Congrats again T.W., enjoy your books. To everyone else, happy holidays! Catch you in the new year!

PS reading Divergent and it sucks. IT SUCKS.

PPS sorry for bringing the mood down. Read safe!

About Anneque G. Malchien

Writer, reader, villainous experimenter. Anneque was born in the Tumut Valley in the Snowy Mountains, by far the youngest of five children. Long car trips to Queensland for the holidays were brightened by audio books of the likes of Pongwiffy the Witch and Vlad the Drac, which may have inspired her fascination with the macabre. Her childhood hero and first love was MacGuyver. Now slightly older, Anneque's writing is inspired by the restless life of a traveller, a love of human sciences, a thousand stories, and MacGuyver's penchant for disaster.

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    Thank you to everyone who entered! And congrats to T. W. Happy reading!

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    Raffle Winner Announced Congratulations!!

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    Congrats, T.W.

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